Well, this is not, by definition, an ‘ode’.

I miss my old friend. Here is why.

I met him when I was in 3rd or 4th. I don’t exactly recollect. I remember he didn’t seem to like me at first instant. He was moving from his old place, so his folks asked me n my folks if we could help him get settled down in a new place – my place actually. I still remember the tears in his eyes when he knew that he would’ve to leave from his old home. He reluctantly moved along with me. We reached home late that night. He wouldn’t get in, we were surprised at first. But then he eventually did come into the living room. He ate well and I spent sometime with him sitting on the porch outside until it was 11pm or so.

For the next 4 years he spent his time with us. He was my best friend during that period.

He died of a snake bit, and died on the way to the vet-hospital. Right in front my eyes. Bleeding from his mouth. My first pet. A doberman.

I have two pet dogs now, but I, still am, reminded of those times.

Dogs ARE man’s best friend.And I miss him.