Damn, a nice holiday spoiled by some disgusting news. Hypocrisy oozes. The double standards of the catholic church came to light – actually just news that piles on.

Here it is-

Link 1 – the Int’l version.

Link 2 – the Indian version.

I hear people praise the church for its greatness, kindness and being the cornerstone of moral values. Ah, “What a f***ing Joke?”.  When a bad news comes along – only those people involved are picked on. As can be read, nearly 4 archbishops were involved in keeping these scandals down. I wouldn’t be surprised that others are involved. These ‘Men of God’ are just humans, and evidently involved in pedophilia – how could they be the ones who pass on the word of the great santa jesus? Not that I am accusing the pope – but he too came through these ranks – ought to be a human just as much, so how can you be even sure what he is saying is something God told him (like the birth control joke)? How can be considered to be someone greater than us (of course, lesser than jebus)? Yet these very people are still looked up to. Kinda double standards, aint it? Ah, add the word ‘Religious’ to any act, and lo n behold, its an one that is beyond human control and laws of the land. Everything becomes legal. Christopher Hitchen’s made a statement in his book “God is not great”, a one liner – ‘No child’s behind left’ – pointing out the issues of child abuse within the catholic ranks (using the tag of the NCLB law that was passed in 2002 in the US). And the atrocities continue. Moderately religious people, knowingly or (most often) unknowingly become the facade/wall for these sexually repressed people, just as much it fuels the fundamentalist. Please take a look at the cost at which your solace and comfort comes.

This is what happens when moral values, religious beliefs, politics & money are conflated. “But I believe in the church” is really a stupid statement in this regard. It is based on circular reasoning. The church is the very body consisting of the clergy. and those are the very people involved. A great many number, I hear. Maybe I am wrong about the number, but still. And I also agree, there are good people as well. But lets look at it this way – when satyam computers was charged with the scams (actually its CEO), a lot many number of employees were considered to be a part of the sham. The actions of a few people in charge defamed everyone else, just because we couldn’t be sure. Why is the church so immune to this? The very clergy who are part of this atrocity are the people who ‘pass on the good message’. Just because they pass on a good message don’t make them good people. When was the last time someone went to a convicted criminal to seek some good values? Something I can’t understand is the lengths to which people go to justify these atrocities.

Take this: (from Link 2)

Dr Paul Thelekkat, a spokesman for the Syro-Malabar Catholic church said he had some sympathy for sister Jesme, and respected her freedom to express her views, but he believed her claims were trivial. “How far what she says is well-founded I can’t say, but the issues are not very serious. We’re living with human beings in a community and she should realise this is part of human life,” he told the Daily Telegraph.

Just wow. :|

My point is – we are all human – even the pope/mullah/high priest. Understand that they are fallible. How silly are people when they look up to priests, esp when many are tainted by such crimes? Hence ergo, that what all the leaders of the religions say/preach should be reasoned within our current framework – morally, logically and be evidence based. Just because we find something going against our belief doesn’t mean that the evidence is wrong or fabricated, but that we may have to reevaluate our sources of reason and in this case – morality. The pillars of faith are only as strong as what the constituents of those pillars are. And we can see, now, clearly, that these break down. Hence be sure the ‘high ground’ built on these pillars might fall.

Be humble, we may fall, our beliefs might be proven wrong, but realizing that these beliefs might be replaced by new ones would help a lot in preserving our ability to reason, to be objective, to be moral, and not let such cretins and bigots run the show.

I am torn between the meaning of the day – ‘Thanksgiving’. I had great time with my friend’s at a home, the family had invited us. Yes, I did enjoy the lunch and the time there – very nice people, but these questions lingers in my head where I am unable to get a clear picture –

Do we really have to pay such a price to enjoy such a holiday? How far are we going to remain silent? Have we lost sight of our humanity in the name of the divine? Really, has evidence no more value with rise in subjective thinking, that objective truths have no value?

Most importantly – who is to blame?

Shakespeare’s quote that is apt, and true:

“But then I sigh, and with a piece of scripture,
Tell them that God bids us do good for evil.
And thus I clothe my naked villainy
With odd old ends stolen forth of holy writ,
And seem I a saint, when most I play the Devil.”

:angry & confused: