“The simple reality that we can trace back the elements that are found in us and everything else around us to processes in the cosmos is nothing short of awe-inspiring. That “We are all stardust” has to be highest form of exaltation we could give ourselves. That as much as we are in the cosmos, the cosmos is in us. If there is anything close to what I find spiritual, then that is it.” – Me.

Though the thoughts aren’t new, the realization is: Of my personal relation to the cosmos. It brings me to tears, almost, when I understand the scale of things, of what is out there, that unlike stories & religion’s bullah, this is a real relation. Sure, it is just my highly developed, reasoning brain, which seeks to find meaning in everything I see, that brings about this realization. Oh, the universe doesn’t care, but I care to find out more.

Late Dr. Carl Sagan was right when he said that astronomy is a “humbling and character building experience”. Damn right.

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