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Recently, well, in the past few months I have been receiving some (mostly offline) comments on the posts I make on facebook. The status messages, the articles, the videos & even pictures. Well, let’s say there is some truth to it. I am not trying to make a case against it. In fact I don’t have to.

The accusations, if I may use the word, came from slightly varying angles. The main one is that all or at least majority of my posts are about atheism. I will attempt to, shortly, refute with reasons. The others are more genuine concerns like if I am pushing my atheism religiously across the social networking platform and the least bothering was why I can’t I just live n let live?

For the first point, in the past 4.5 months, I have made a total of 392 posts including the status updates. (This does not include me commenting on other pages, of course). And 304 posts, if the status updates aren’t counted. These include articles, youtube (or other video sharing links) & photos on my page/albums. The total number of links, with even a shade of religion in them, comes up to 82. Or 102 if status updates (even remotely) related to religion are counted. I have counted in some evolution related links/status updates within religion-related posts because the discussions that ensued on those posts were mostly me (and some others), not just, defending evolution, but also having to take the writers-axe at those trying to mix up religion and evolution.

So now 82 out of 304 is like ~27%. Or almost 1 in 4 posts (sometimes, remotely) related to religion. So to say that my facebook page is all about atheism is wrong. It is almost the case of seeing the hits and forgetting all about the misses.

This answers the 2nd question (Taking my atheism to a religious level), though not in its entirety. There is more to it. I agree that I see religion in a negative light. But I really do not want to spend any time with religion, or even debate it. I’d be happy if it did let me go on my way. When I say ‘me’ – I mean – the rest of the world that does not care about a particular religion, say X. Now extend that to every religion – I would let it be if it just remained ONLY with people who want to practice it. When it stops rearing its head where it is not supposed to be – which is progress of science, freedom of speech/expression, human rights, I would stop taking a stab at it. (On a side note: that should also make it clear that I do not bother with people having any sort of faith). But it just can’t. It has to intrude my news-seeking radar and I don’t hesitate to share it. I am sure a few minds are intrigued, some think, some try reasoning, some argue. And that is the intention: raise awareness, actively. (I am happy no one ever came up with the (by default – doomed-to-fail –) argument that I am trying to ‘convert’ people to atheism!)

Adding more to the case I am making, I do post a LOT that can be classified under the broad category – science. I don’t have the exact statistics now, but from the 222 not-related-to-religion posts, over a 100 would in the science field. (A wide variety of topics comprise of the remaining 100 odd posts). Most of the science topics come under cosmology and some in the field of evolution, some in cognitive neuroscience, and some in the field of computer science. I do post with intent.

There are two reasons. First is interest, just as much as others post videos of movie trailers, or their horoscope, favorite song of the day, what they did that day and anything and everything that interests them, I do the same. I find study of the natural world and the cosmos and everything in between to be absolutely awe-inspiring and be in a position where I can make a miniscule of addition to the vast knowledge our species has gathered over the ages, thrills me. Also, it was the best way to spend time (Consider the fact: in the past 1 year, my travel means and budget is highly limited).

The second reason: The intent is to keep the people informed. Of course, I am sure 85%+ of the people in my friends list just give it a pass. Some put in an effort to read, some are genuinely interested, some more knowledgeable than me who give me extra information or correct me. Here is where my belief kicks in – I believe, very strongly, that an educated crowd, at least those in some touch with the world of science, like me, can in fact make a difference or at least attempt to. Once scientifically literate – the world really does look a lot different.

And scientifically does not mean atheism.

I use facebook as a platform to share my interests. It is that simple. It just so happens that my likes are not in line with the usual stuff people post.



P.S: And I finally break the writer’s block!


Who Am I?

Hume's philosophy says I am just a figment of imagination.

Physics demonstrates that I am, like everyone else, made of star dust.

Biology explains that I am, like everyone else, a product of evolution by natural selection.

Neuroscience clarifies that I, like everyone else, have no free will.

Reality, almost, threatens that I, like everyone else, occupies an almost negligible portion of time & space.

Whatever may be the case, where ever it may lead me to, I am on a journey, as should you, to find out more about the world and universe(s?) I live in and love so dearly for all I have. After all, we have this one life.

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